It's time to get to know your camera!

Do you want to take better pictures, but aren't sure where to start? Or are you an 'enthusiast' who just wants your images to pop more? Then join us, Marilyn Scavo and Carlos Osorio, both seasoned Miami-based photographers, in one of our Photo Workshops best suited to your level.

Our workshops are a great opportunity for those starting out in photography, for those who have a new camera and are not sure how to use it to its full potential or wanting to increase their skill set, or for those who just want to take better pictures in general.

We have decided to host these workshops because we feel that seminars and workshops have been the single best source of education for us in our careers. They provide a hands-on learning experience that you often cannot get from reading books or taking more formal classes. We want to share what info we have learned along the way to help others grow in their photography career.

Beginner & Intermediate Beginners Workshops:
 2 to 3 hour beginners classes for newbies to photography or parents who want to take better pictures of their kids and family.

Beginners Workshops:

1. Break Out of Auto Mode - Basic Camera Functions - How to take your camera     off of automatic.

2. Break Out of Auto Mode All Hands On - Now you know how to set ISO,  Aperture & Shutter Speed, but you still need some practice.

3. Photo Editing & Enhancing - Adobe Lightroom Crash Course 

4. Composition in Photography - Learn how to "see" and what to look for, Rule of Thirds and what works.

5. Photo Makeup - Makeup tips and tricks to make you or your models look flawless in pictures.

Intermediate Beginners:
We suggest you take #1. Break out of Auto Mode before you register for the following classes

6. Natural Lighting Techniques - Getting the Light Right! Learn about white balance, reflectors, diffuses and more.

7. Studio Lighting Techniques - Flash, Strobes and Studio Equipment 

8. Night Photo Walk - Learn to photograph at night using timed exposures

Private Lessons: Beginner & Intermediate private lesson focused on specific areas of photography for budding business owners who still need to advance their technical skills and for those who prefer to learn one on one.

Adobe Photoshop Private Lessons: One on One private Photoshop lessons. Learn at your own speed and level. (2 hour minimum per appointment)